About us

The Center for Healing & Hope includes the board of directors, staff, volunteers, and benefactors. Our mission and vision have shaped our work since we began in 1999.


The Center for Healing & Hope provides medical and advocacy services in a Christ-like manner to meet people's needs in our community.


We are a welcoming place for affordable health care and immigrant services, engaging volunteers and community partners to promote the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of those we serve.

We'd like you to know

  1. We are an urgent care center for the uninsured, the under-insured, and those with unmet health care needs in our community. We were founded on the belief that if churches, community and medical providers work together, all our neighbors can have access to quality care.
  2. We are a faith and hope-based outreach that partners with area churches from all denominations committed to serving our disadvantaged neighbors in Christ's name. We are the only urgent care organization in our community seeking to fill the gaps in medical care the way we do.
  3. We function as a point of entry for those with no access to our health care system. Our patient advocate refers as many people as we can to primary care physicians, including Heart City and Maple City clinics. Note: We do not provide primary care to patients, but refer them to clinics that do.
  4. Our care goes far beyond treating injuries and illnesses. We also connect families to resources such as housing, food, and counseling services.
  5. Our clinics are primarily staffed by volunteers: doctors, nurses, clergy, greeters, cashiers, interpreters, and administrative staff.
  6. Because we depend on volunteers (over 3,000 volunteer hours each year), we can keep the cost of providing health care affordable.
  7. We have many students from area colleges (Goshen College, Harrison College, Bethel College, IVY Tech, etc.) who choose to do their nursing, medical assistant, and social work internships with us.
  8. In addition to our clinics, we take our expertise into the community to provide health screenings for people who rely on the services of other non-profits such as soup kitchens, work programs, shelters for the homeless, and food pantries.

  9. Many of our adult patients work, but have jobs that do not provide benefits.
  10. There are well over 10,000 people without health insurance in our county. Our patients tell us that without the Center for Healing & Hope, 40 percent would go to an emergency room for treatment, and another 40 percent do not know where they would go.
  11. We monitor needs in the community through our relationships with other non-profits, churches, local government, businesses, and health providers. 
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