Diabetes and Chronic Care Program



Our Chronic Care Team specializes in the care of people with diabetes, high blood pressure and other ongoing health concerns. Each caregiver is fluent in Spanish and English and is committed to the wellbeing of each individual patient.

When someone is diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, he or she will immediately begin working with this team. Our team will encourage and empower patients to ...

  • monitor blood sugar levels and take necessary medication
  • choose and prepare healthy foods
  • manage weight and find an exercise they can do comfortably

We also will invite a newly-diagnosed patient to sign up for the Diabetic Alliance program, in which they will get all the recommended tests and services to control the disease for a reduced cost.

Learn more about the Diabetes Alliance program.

Schedule your appointment

You must have an appointment to see our Chronic Care Team.

If you are diagnosed wit diabetes or another chronic care concern when you are at one of our urgent care clinics, our patient advocate will set up an appointment for you.

If you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, you may call for an appointment to see our physician. Call 574-534-4744.

Live healthy. Live fully.

We believe each patient can be healthy and live fully, even with diabetes. So we will provide consistent, specialized care with the goal of bringing both healing and hope.

To learn more about our Chronic Care team and why we have launched this program, visit the story on our news blog.



Chronic Care Team

At back:
Michelle Shelly, M.D., physician specializing in care of patients with diabetes
Marbella Chavez, patient advocate and health care worker

At front:
Bryan Mierau, Center for Healing & Hope executive director
Barb Landes, certified diabetic educator
Gil Pérez, LPN, clinic manager

Not pictured:
Erin Castro, medical assistant
Cristina Messick, medical assistant

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