Extended Reach clinics

Our care for uninsured patients extends to residents at Elkhart County Community Corrections (Work Release) in Goshen on Monday evenings..

These clinics provide care for people who are under-served. It tells them they are valuable members of our communities and helps bring them healing and hope--physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Patients are often caught in gaps in available services. New arrivals don’t have jobs, so cannot pay for care. Offenders don’t qualify for Indiana’s low-cost health insurance nor for Department of Corrections medical services.

Lauren Duesler, Executive Director, Elkhart County Community Corrections, said, “They are stuck in the middle, usually without any money to pay for outside medical care so the onsite clinic with a reduced fee is a big benefit for them. CHH is also able to offer follow up care for chronic conditions, possibly making the condition more manageable while deterring the worsening of the condition.”

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