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February 2023

For us, the word “hope” carries three mighty considerations: 1) the physical act of healing, which includes examination, discussion, and review; 2) the positive feeling that living our best lives provides psychologically, and 3) the spiritual view of service to others so that humanity might live peacefully together in our community and beyond. For all these reasons and more, we have supported Center for Healing & Hope since its earliest days.  

Back in the day when Center of Healing & Hope was struggling to steady its wobbly legs, Karen procured its first grants. When selling their business in the 1990s, Mark and Karen established and funded a special Endowment Fund with the Community Foundation of Elkhart County that was later named the Compassion Fund. Center for Healing & Hope uses a small portion of the Compassion Fund’s annual earnings where needed most. The remainder of the Compassion Fund’s earnings are reinvested in perpetuity for the future of the Center.

We believe we are hurtling into a brave, new, and better world. Consider these hopeful facts:

Since 1955, life expectancy has increased from 48 to 70.

Death from childhood diseases dropped 66 percent since 1955. Cures and vaccines for a multitude of infectious and deadly diseases were discovered. Technology allows for MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds, PET scans, minimally invasive surgeries, and organ transplants. And, scientists have unlocked the human genome.

Since 1955, the number of children attending school has increased from 48 percent to 95 percent. Children are going to school longer, and women are closing the education gap with men.

Furthermore, since World War II, global war has become unsustainable and, hopefully, headed toward obsolescence. Our world is now increasingly connected through digital technology, smartphones, social media, 24-hour news, and extensive travel.

Our hearts fill with hope when good people do brave things. When hearts align with God’s mission in the world, a choice to support their vision is an easy one. We see this desire for God’s active presence at Center for Healing & Hope.

Small steps become great strides in addressing society’s issues. We are grateful we can participate wholeheartedly in the mission, vision, and values of Center for Healing & Hope now, and through our Compassion Fund, for years to come!

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