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February 2024

When we were asked to become involved with the Welcome Home Campaign it was an easy decision for us. It gave us a tangible way to support what we believe in, which is to help build equality within the community and help create deep and lasting change in people’s lives. Center for Healing & Hope does just that.  

We find ourselves often frustrated and angered when watching tv seeing how immigrants and those of a lower socioeconomic class are treated by both our society and our government. Participation in the Welcome Home Campaign gave us a way to help – a way to express our love, care and compassion to those who are trying to start life over or are looking for a better life.

From providing a physical space to house our programs to helping to print and distribute the Immigrant Resource Guide, campaign gifts and ongoing support from community members like John and Marty filter into everything we do to make a direct impact on the lives of those they are serving through the mission of CHH.

We were excited to learn that CHH intended to purchase their building, showing their resolve and commitment to the people of this community. Then, when we toured the building and heard the stories of what all they are doing we were deeply moved and knew then we wanted to be more involved with CHH.  

When we read the “Glimmer of Hope” monthly e-newsletter that focuses on immigrant advocacy or go to the CHH website we quickly realize that we are investing in lives – lives that deserve a future, a better future. This may be the stepping stone they need to fulfill their dream of a better life.

Tune in next month as we share more stories about the Welcome Home Campaign and our 25th anniversary! 

Want to participate in the campaign? Click below to learn more and contribute.

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