Giving Tuesday was a huge success once again in 2023.

Thanks to 30 donors who participated in Giving Tuesday we reached our goal of raising $7,500 to purchase medications for our pharmacy in 2024! If it seems peculiar that we raised the exact amount needed, our Director of Marketing & Development, Daniel Tackett, can explain…

One of the best parts about Giving Tuesday is when I get to call people to thank them for their participation and their support. About half of the donors I called were told they helped raise $6,541.82, which was already a GREAT result. The other half of the donors called were told we successfully raised all $7,500. That’s because about half way through calling folks I got a chance to speak with a generous couple who inspire us everyday with their faith, compassion, and love for our mission and their community who said “Lets do this, how about we call this goal reached, and we’ll send a check in to cover the rest.” Mind you, they had already made a very generous contribution for Giving Tuesday. I paused, silent with joy, accepted their commitment, thanked them, and shared the good news with our team. A follow up conversation with this couple revealed that the check had increased to $1,500 with anything beyond the goal to be used where we needed it the most. We were again filled with joy and gratitude, and celebrated with smiles and reflections of their servant hearts. 

I wanted to share this story to offer you the same hope, motivation, and encouragement we are feeling. There are others in your community ready to join you in supporting good and just causes. There are people who care about bringing equity, equality and opportunity to Goshen for those that have experienced a different path in life than many of us.

And the neat thing about Giving Tuesday is how people from all stages of their giving journey came together to reach this goal. People making their very first gift joined with folks like the couple referenced here who have been giving to CHH for 10 years! It reminds me that no matter where you are at in life, we all have something to give, and when we are all giving in ways that we can, we are actively making the world a better place.  

We extend our immense gratitude to all who participated in this effort.