Urgent Care

We are scheduling urgent care by appointment only. Please call the clinic for availability. 574-534-4744

Urgent Care is provided for conditions such as:

  • coughs and colds
  • strains and sprains
  • injuries that are not severe
  • other complaints that are not life-threatening.

All services are provided in Spanish and English and each staff members is committed to the wellbeing of each individual patient.


We ask patients to pay a small fee for a clinic visit. Payment is due upon scheduling your appointment. Lab tests, procedures, and medication cost extra. We offer reduced prices wherever we can. If you can’t pay the flat fee, we have a sliding fee scale. To qualify, you need to bring proof of income. Proof of income includes any of the following that apply to you:

  • Pay stubs for the last three weeks.
  • If self-employed, bring a copy of last year’s tax return.
  • Proof of unemployment benefits.
  • Social Security eligibility letter or a copy of Social Security check.
  • If you have no income for the last three months, we will accept a written statement, signed and dated, explaining your financial hardship.
  • If you are paid in cash; you may bring a letter from your employer stating your income, or sign a statement verifying your income.
  • Financial contributions from individuals, churches, businesses, foundations and service clubs help pay the rest of the costs.

If you need to see a doctor and can’t wait, go directly to an urgent care center or the emergency room of a hospital.