HOPE Network

Elkhart County HOPE (Helping Our People Everywhere) is a part of the Center for Healing & Hope. We are committed to matching volunteers and resources with people in our communities who have needs.

HOPE is a network of businesses, churches, educators, non-profit organizations and individuals who are ready to step in where there are needs. People who are struggling with the challenges of current policies and laws are the ones we are striving to help.

Our goal is to continue making our communities places where people feel welcomed and valued and where they can contribute their best potential for the good of all.

HOPE’s vision

We are committed to helping all of our brothers and sisters because, together, we are Elkhart County. We treat all with dignity and respect.

The work of HOPE

At the end of 2017, Elkhart County HOPE jumped into two major projects:

Both efforts were successful with very strong support and involvement of many in the Goshen and Elkhart communities.

Join this important work to help our immigrant neighbors feel welcomed … help build a stronger and healthier community for all of us.

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