As 2019 begins, the Center for Healing & Hope has an open schedule for appointments to register Goshen residents for GRID cards.

GRID (Goshen Resident Identification Card) is a valuable way for someone living in Goshen to verify their identity and address. GRID is accepted by all Goshen city services as a valid form of identification. It is not valid for driving or for voting.

People with GRID cards also can get benefits from Goshen businesses. These benefits include discounts or special offers from several Goshen restaurants and stores.

Since the Center for Healing & Hope launched GRID in December 2017, almost 1,000 Goshen residents have obtained a GRID card.

The Center for Healing & Hope schedules GRID registration sessions every other week. These sessions alternate between Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Currently these are many openings in the schedule and anyone who calls for an appointment can be scheduled for the next session.

To obtain a GRID card, please call the Center for Healing & Hope, 574.534-4744. Callers will learn what documents are needed in order to register for a GRID card. For information, visit the GRID section of our website.