As we approach year-end, I’m reflecting on several themes that describe our organizational journey over the course of the last three years of my term as Executive Director at the Center for Healing & Hope. It has been a period of much growth. We’ve seen an increase of patient visits, added comprehensive medical and preventative services, and met our fundraising goal to raise $50,000 in 90 days to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Like in many periods of growth, this has also been a time of great change. We succeeded in fully implementing our electronic health record, we shifted from first-come-first-serve intake to a more stream-lined triage approach, and we upgraded to an online volunteer portal rather than using a paper sign-up process. I am undeniably grateful for how our volunteers, staff, board, and donors, have risen to meet the inevitable shifts and challenges that arise during period of growth, and it is within this spirit of infinite gratitude that I share with you that it is time for me to move on from my position as Executive Director at the Center for Healing & Hope. 

It is truly a rewarding and rare experience to match personal mission with workplace, an opportunity I have been blessed with through my time at Center for Healing & Hope. I have worked and learned alongside our compassionate volunteers, our mission-driven staff and board, and our generous donors. Together, we have accomplished much more than I could have ever imagined toward the common good of our community. We celebrated our 20th anniversary, which is a testament to the Center’s durability and lasting value. We received more grants this year than in past years. And most importantly, we have expanded our services so that we are able to serve more patients and clients than ever before. I am thankful to have served a faith-filled mission that is far from out-living its ongoing potential to truly make a difference in the lives of vulnerable people in need of support.

The Board of Directors is in the process of hiring an interim executive director who is expected to begin work in my absence. A search committee will recommend a new executive director to begin in the new year. For those of you who would like to ask questions or begin a conversation about the transition, please feel free to reach out to our Board Chair, Dr. Amanda Schmidt, at

I believe the mission and vision of Center for Healing & Hope is stronger than ever and that the Board, staff, and volunteers are committed to ensuring the Center continues to play a transformative role in the lives of patients and clients by providing excellent medical care and immigration-related services and advocacy. There is much more good work to be done, and the Center for Healing & Hope continues to be in loving hands that are more than capable of moving its mission forward … restoring health and renewing hope.

With light and peace,

Bryan Mierau
Executive Director
Ph: 574.534.4744 ext. 206

If you would like to support the mission of our clinic, staff, and volunteers in the midst of this transition, I invite you to hold us in your prayers. You are also welcome to sign up to volunteer in the clinic or send an end-of-year gift. To offer a charitable contribution, visit our donate page by clicking this link: