Hannah Bachman and 500th GRID cardThe Center for Healing & Hope has issued the 500th GRID card (Goshen Resident ID) in a program launched in November 2017.

Hannah Bachman, a math teacher at Goshen High School, is the recipient of the 500th GRID card. She said when an immigration detention center was proposed in the area, she wanted to find a way to show support for the immigrants in the community. “I thought GRID was something I could do that would make a difference,” Hannah said. Then she added, “Goshen is doing good things for all of its people.”

The Center for Healing & Hope, through the Elkhart County HOPE network, announced the GRID card in November and began issuing cards to Goshen residents on December 1. The effort is designed to help the community in several ways:

  • The cards provide a verified form of identification for people who have difficulty getting other forms of ID,
  • The cards give people an opportunity to express support for immigrant neighbors;
  • The cards give cardholders opportunities for discounts and special offers from Goshen businesses.