Larry Underwood, left, speaks with Mayor Jeremy Stutsman during the intake process for signing up for a GRID card.

Two years since its launch in 2017, Goshen Resident ID (GRID) cards have become a familiar and accepted form of identification for Goshen residents.

The Center for Healing & Hope began providing GRID cards to local residents to help people who are unable to get a driver’s license or other form of official identification.This includes immigrants as well as elderly, formerly incarcerated and homeless people. The cards verify the identity and address of the person to whom it is issued. It is not, however, a valid form of identification for voting or a driver’s license.

“The biggest benefit of GRID is to provide identification for all residents of Goshen to access city services such as the police department, water and sewer, parks and recreation and more,” said Center for Healing & Hope Immigrant Resource Coordinator Julia Schmidt.

One GRID card carrier shared that, when stopped for a minor traffic violation, Goshen police accepted the card as identification, even though he was still ticketed. He was very thankful that the card produced a more positive interaction with the police.

For those who registered for GRID cards in 2017, it’s now time to renew. To renew or sign up for the first time, call 574-534-4744 to schedule an appointment. Renewals will need to bring their current GRID card and one recent document with their current Goshen address.