The Center for Healing & Hope provides urgent medical care for people:

  • who are uninsured
  • without a family physician;
  • with few resources to pay for care.

See the menu at the right for links to information about all the medical services we provide.

Hours for our Urgent Care clinics and Chronic Care Program are at the far right.

We are much more than simply a substitute for a visit to the Emergency Room of a hospital:

  • We seek to provide compassionate care that will bring not only healing but a sense of hope.
  • Our doctors and nurses are volunteers-- they are here because they care and want to make a difference.
  • All of our clinics are bilingual with staff who speak Spanish and English or volunteer translators.
  • Volunteer chaplains are available to talk with patients about issues that concern them and their families.
  • We do all we can to find physicians who will give follow-up care.
  • Our clinics have navigators who help people sign up for health insurance.
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